Using Raspberry Pi 4 power supply on a Rock Pi

Is it OK to use a Raspberry Pi 4 USB-C power supply on a Rock Pi?

I read that their power supply is non-compliant and am afraid of turning my Rock Pi into a brick :thinking:

As detailed by Tyler Ward, the Raspberry Pi 4 has a non-compliant USB-C charging port and doesn’t work with as many chargers as it should. Thanks to the open nature of Raspberry Pi (even the schematics are online!), Ward was able to discover that Raspberry Pi just didn’t design its USB-C port correctly. Two “CC” pins on a USB-C port are supposed to each get their own 5.1K ohms resistor, but Raspberry Pi came up with its own circuit design that allows them to share a single resistor. This is not a compliant design and breaks compatibility with some of the more powerful USB-C chargers out there.

You have linked article about raspi4 side problem. Not about charger. The charger is just dumb 5.1V / 3.0A DC which is just barely enough for rock5