Using LS060R1SX01 on Rock Pi 4B+ Ubuntu Server

Hello! I am new in the SBC field and still had issues with broken English so sorry for any frustration caused by me. I am trying to use my LS055R1SX04 LCD with my Rock Pi 4B+ that is running Ubuntu Server 20.04 provided by the download site. but, when I connect the LCD to the rock pi the LCD glow bright yellow, I tried connecting it to my computer and it in fact work so the LCD is okay but the communication between the rock pi to the LCD might be wrong causing the LCD to show the output “broken”. The resolution of my computer output did shift to what the LCD is meant for so perhaps the rock pi did not obey the requirements of the LCD. I don’t know, I’ve been trying to fix this for days. I asked the seller and they said LS055R1SX03 would work for this but well I already got it and this stuff aren’t cheap so I had to try and try again to make it work.


I just found out the LCD is actually LS060R1SX01 instead LS055R1SX04. the seller misinformed me.