Using a Penta Sata Hat while running on bullseye, what will go wrong?


i would like to update the rockpi i am running to from armbian focal to bullseye. As i have the penta sata hat installed and i am no good for scripting and programming i have to rely on the install script, but that only works with armbian focal and as it doesn’t support bullseye i wanted to check if upgrading to bullseye will fail the system.

So far i found this post that seems to describe the same problem, but there’s no workaround or solution as far as i can see. Also there is this post but i am not really sure if that fits my problem and it is hard for me to understand it, maybe someone could give me a pointer or two?

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PHP have nothing to do with Penta sata hat. Why you think otherwise?

oh, I am sorry. I should have gone to bed earlier and written about the problem this morning.

What i wanted to write is: I would like to upgrade my armbian from focal to bullseye because i need php8. Sorry for the incorrectness.

I took the liberty to correct the initial posting.

Hmmm. Do i have to open up a new thread? I thought editing the title and post should be enough to correct the mistake?

All i am asking for is an answer to ‘How difficult is it to get the TopHat for the Penta Sata Board (LCD, button, Fan Control) to work under Armbian Bullseye’.

I would love to stay with DietPi, because after getting to know the 15% of its capabilities i use, i really like its efficiency and flexibility. But i also would like to update to bullseye because of my nextcloud installation. So, please, can you give me some pointers?