User RPI HAT wirh Radxa Zero

i have question about standard peripheral extender primarily designed for RPI Zero W if this PoE HAT will be compatible also with Radxa Zero ?


Hey @Donald did you get any response or new information about it? I am interested in that too. I have the hat but I don’t have the radxa board, but I am considering it. I need the USB hat so, did you get any useful information about compatibility?

It will not work as a hat because the Waveshare device uses pogo pins to contact specific test pads on the RP0 that the Radxa Zero doesn’t have, at least not at the same locations. You might be able to make the necessary hardware connections by identifying proper connection points on the Radxa board and soldering jumper wires instead of using the pogo pins. I presume (but am not positive) that the hardware would likely be supported by a Linux distro, as it seems this is basically just a USB hub plus USB network adapter that has Linux support.