User and password for specific image

i have found third party image Armbian_5.67_Rockpi4b_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_desktop_20181210-gpt.img on the dl.radxa site. The username and password linaro/linaro does not work.

Anyone have the username/password for this image.

Thank you

Think its root:1234


Thank you.

Hi. Better not use that image. It’s an old badly working image that wasn’t official Armbian.
For desktop use better to use this image :

You can install the media script from JMCC on that to have VPU acceleration.

For gaming with Panfrost you can use this image :

I recently made a video where I show how to install Panfrost on it.

I just want to spare you a lot of trouble. Greetings.

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