Use ROCK 5 as NAS?

~2.5 months ago nothing was broken, nor in radxa kernel, nor in ZFS, so more like “it was broken” in the past 2-3 months, if ppl right now can’t build master zfs on rock5 :frowning:

Aha, then this general Rockchip upgrade to .110 messed things up. Some features were fixed, some broke, completely normal …

Just the regular nasty effect of using a heavily forked kernel :frowning: It’s impossible to benefit from features and fixes at the same time because new fixes will constantly need to be adjusted still they stop breaking other stuff.

I am interested in this.
Maybe we can use arm vpu kernel and ffmpeg directly on jellyfin over docker?

I am looking to use rock5b With pcie m2 to 5 or 6 sata port where only 2 hdd will be used with raid. .utilising boards 2.5g lan for network with custom os.

I just need a good looking case to fit everything into with a decent heatsink.

Anyone have any case advice or 3d print design?

If one wants to keep it compact, they should be able to use 2x m.2 PCIe 2280 to 8-port SATA cards, with m.2 A+E-key 2230 to m.2 M-key 2280 riser for smaller slot. For 4x drives, single JMB585 m.2 PCIe to 5x SATA controller is probably the cheapest solution.

It would be easiest to use a single ATX PSU, taking 12V from IDE or P4 ATX connector to power Rock Pi. I personally made a DIY 12V P4 to DC 5.5.x2.5 cable, and used it together with DC 5.5x2.5 to USB-C cable from Aliexpress to feed dumb 12V into the SBC.

With native case in mind, one can use FPC riser(s) for m.2 to SATA controller(s), and mount the SBC inside a metal case on some adapter plate with ITX holes.

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For powering both the board and the SATA drives you can use some 12&5V molex power brick like this one:

You should use the 12V output for powering the ROCK 5B.

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I looked into these type but they’re 2amp only which can only power single 2tb hdd on load.

Larger hdd and having multiple hdd will need more amps.

I found this aliexpress

With m2 pcie to 6sata. I can utilize 2 or 3 sata depending on how I plan to configure my drives.

I have my eyes on this case from aliexpress too.

I am thinking asm1166. Idk which one is better though.

Next I have to figure dc to usb-c for radxa board.
Still not the best option, but the only option to fit everything together.

Check this out as the tiniest NAS ever

That’s…a lot of heat. Also interesting what kind of pcie switch chip was used for it…
Nvm, it’s 6 sata m.2
Also tests are a total BS.
And SMB read speeds could hit about 1.9-2.1 Gbps but still couldn’t saturate the Ethernet connection.

Of course it couldn’t,
First, 2.5 GbE by specification may provide only:
2358 Mbps


That’s because of tcp/ip headers and coding
Let’s continue to math.
2358 Mbps is not 2^ but its 10^
So for linux which use 2^ it will be 2287 Mibps.

And samba is one hell of protocol in regards of additinal commands, which eats a bit of channel (unless you are testing with one big 30GiB+ file).

In case of his write tests - where are CPU load in tests? What about local speed of m.2 sata drives? What abour local r5 speed of said sata drives?

Have no idea go argue with him…

That’s just for users who will read it.

Like you know - they created nas out of Rock5, but read speed below 2500Mbps

It’s WIP and it can already “work” but it cannot fully utilize the full potential of rk3588’s VPU & RGA. Therefore improvements are needed before introducing it to Jellyfin.

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I just got molex to sata, cut the molex off and wire to Gnd, 5v & 12v psu voltage to a sata chain. £1.89
To £5.11
As can not find 6 (might do 2x 3)
Acylic case assy £10.61
Then just to test some SSD trays to hold it together x3 £3.99
With the M.2 sata adapter £18.59
I did get a fan controller, but see how that goes as got to a total of £48.17 £6.95
Waiting to see the spacing on the fan cutouts before I get them

It more than enough likely it will be just some large capacity 3.5" harddrives (Its a NAS) you dont need the trays then, just a matter of what redundancy via RAID level. £36.2 (Hardrives needed)

Yeah, I’m using the same cables :slight_smile:
But I’m using PowerDelivery trigger for 20v and down voltage (to 5v) since i have 10 ssd

Right. Firstly RTL chip can only max out at 2.3g plus the drive should be capable of read at 2.5g while the cpu should be able to handle the read request along with the network transfer, so anything above 1.5g is a good start. I have 2 X86 pc’s with 2.5g and both have high speed NVME for gaming and still local transfer using steam app maxes out at 1.5g.

Interesting list. I have almost all these in my cart but I cannot find a decent case for ROCK5B where the Sata cables can come out.

I got the acrylic case to have a look at that as due to my sata cable being only a x5 I use the top bay to house the Rock5b.
I will make up a x3 sata and do x2 of them for x6 where if you look I am thinking I might get some custom acrylic cut to fit in the ‘handle’ to make a 7th compartment.
I have been thinking I can use what I have purchased as a template and fix everything I don’t like and post a template for any cutting service as an opensource design.
I like the simplcity of a case just made from panels and think getting something initial built and infront of me will help to retain the simplicity, with maybe a few improvements.
Thinking a github repo could hold the finalised design or that some mods to the 6bay ‘handle’ could make that 7th compartment.
PS I have the 1st rev pre-release sample that I found the fan mounting holes a bit strange that are off centre to the cpu so much it doesnt pull flat very well, did they change that with later revisions?
Anyone else a little underwhelmed with the Radxa fan thermals and mount points?
I ended up prefering this as a lot more beefier but the adjustable lugs means I can use a mounthole near the USB3.0 and overall the heatsink is very close to the IO and far more central and less likely to tip even if a tad tall.
Also whish Radxa maybe did a GPIO/HDMI-ib riser cable bracket so all I/O is on the front and always bugged me it has onboard switches than simple jumpers that could of been wired switches…

I am aiming for both harddrive & SSD as really the SSDs are just 256gb purely to bench the m.2 as high capacity HD is still much more cost effective.
PS x10 SDD how are you doing that on a 5/6 port, have you managed to find a splitter so 2x x2 lanes?
I have never been a fan of PD for static devices 12v powers the Rock5b and also supples the hardrive and may even add a 5v buck so that powerdelivery and fans is isolated from the Rock5b.
Its not in my list as already have some hanging around.
PD is great for mobile devices but sort of pointless for static devices such as SBC/NAS.

Welp, I’m using power bank for all of it as UPS (at least 6-8 hours in total) so for me PD is best thing ever

Can you share the link for the acrylic case?

They are also on aliexpress also in 6/10 bay

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Doh I found a 8 bay so x2 bay for Rock5b

Doesn’t matter as they all sort of look like the space for sata is not perfect and the one I got is just to build to get a template.