Use only 1 USB3.0 on the Quad Sata Hat?


I was wondering if it’s possible to use only 1 USB port on the Quad Sata hat when connecting it to the RPi.

I’m only using 2 HDD’s, and I wanted to use the other USB3.0 port for a USB SSD.

I have tried using a Male-Male USB3.1 cable to connect the Quad Sata hat and the RPi back when I didn’t have a proper USB->SATA SSD adapter, and it worked, even though the HDD speeds were halved because both of them were going to the same port.

I ordered a new USB->SATA SSD adapter which should properly work on the RPi now at USB3.0 speeds, but I can’t seem to get the hard drives from the Quad Sata hat to show on the RPi when I’m connecting the Male-Male USB3.1 Cable now.

Could be that a RPi update screwed something up, but I’m not sure.

Is this even possible at the moment?