Use of STTY for file transfer

This isn’t necessarily a ROCK question, but i’ve done a lot of reading and haven’t quite reached what I need.

I am attempting to make a file transfer over ymodem-g from my rock5b to a piece of hardware.

According to the lrzsz documentation it is stated that

Sb batch sends one or more files with YMODEM or ZMODEM protocol. The initial ZMODEM
initialization is not sent. When requested by the receiver, sb supports YMODEM-g with
“cbreak” tty mode, XON/XOFF flow control, and interrupt character set to CAN (^X).
YMODEM-g (Professional-YAM g option) increases throughput over error free channels (direct
connection, X.PC, etc.) by not acknowledging each transmitted sector.

My understanding of this is that I must use ‘stty cbreak ixon intr ^X’, does anyone here know if this is correct? It still does not seem to work for me.

Sending a file over standard YMODEM results in 128 bytes making it through, and then failing on no ACK on EOT.

That’s a bit too specific question for rock forum. I would advise Reddit or other places that do work with ymodem

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