Use 4G/5G module

I searched the forum, but could not find support for LTE 4G / 5G.
Does Radxa Zero support connecting an external LTE Module via USB?
For example,
SIMCOM SIM8200EA-M2 5G with USB adapter
Usb dongle SIMCOM SIM7600G-H
EM06-E 4G LTE Cat6 M.2
or other?

I have connected succesfully the modem Quectel EC21 via USB.

Normal USB devices should be supported electrically, but for modems to work sometimes they require additional driver and firmware. If you have those you should be able to use them with Radxa Zero.

and Quectel EG915 by USB and UART

If we are at 5g m2 ore minipcie modules why they are so ultra expensive ?`

I am searching an Dual 5G Option but for private it s not payable !!

An 4G/LTE Huwai Surfsticks have an coast of 30 dollar but i found no 5g module under 300.

Thats x10 minimum up to x20 so what make the price so draconic ?? I see no relation