USB3 port and USB3 HUB use

I have multiple USB3 SSD drives that some work with the USB3 port on the Rock Pi X and some do not. Has anyone tried a powered USB3 hub tied to the USB3 port to see if it a low current problem with the port?

I have one 2TB USB3 SSD that I keep as my library and it will show up, but not access files on the Rock Pi X and will on my laptop. It acts like it is current starved.

Thought I would ask before giving one a try.

Used my 10 port powered USB3 hub connected to the Rock Pi X USB 3 port.

The USB3 2TB SSD drive is now working correctly with Windows 10. Looks like limited power on the USB3 port is why a lot of the Rock Pi X USB drives have problems.

Will be checking it to see if any disconnect problems occur.

Seems like a PMIC question (see the schematics).I’m not a eletric/computer engineer, but before I use USB3 from SBC’s, I look for stable power supplies, good cables and sufficient amps. And if you are testing stuffs with usb3 that requires more amps, it’s nice to have usb meter, it makes easier to see the power consumption at the usb3 port and any possible tension drop that can affect the device.

Since the schematic online is for a Rock Pi X version 1.3 board and these are version 1.4 boards, we do not know if there were any changes to the PMIC for the system. No information exists.

I have used at least 4 different USB3 SSD drives in various cases as there are many out there. One works all the time, two do not work and one is intermittent as to startup or disconnect.

So far the USB3 powered hub is a solution with all USB powered devices with the existing v1.4 boards I have. I thought it was the USB3 interfaces, but this looks like low power issues on the pc board side. No big deal, I just tell everyone to use a USB3 powered hub.

It would be nice to see the specs for the power output capability of the USB3 port on the Rock Pi X v1.4 board. The USBC connection auto-switches DC voltage as needed. Not sure about the USB3 version.

V1.3 and V1.4 are the same, the only things that changes it’s the emmc, v1.4 is soldered while v1.3 is detachable. Have you tried a power supply PD compliant? my powerbank supports 5v 3a, 9v 2a, 12v 1.5a and never had issues concerning power.

I am using a SlimQ 45 watt USBC PD compliant power supply. Tried three different USBC power supplies and no changes all react the same. This also happens on more than one Rock Pi X v1.4 board. Running Windows 10 Home 64Bit OS 20H2 CU version. Updated all the Windows 10 drivers and no problems found. The system runs correctly, only USB3 is the port that gives the problems with external SSD’s.

Is the OTG switch correct?

What is an OTG switch?