USB solder pads?

On the original pi zero, there are solder pads on the back of the board (PP1, PP6, PP22 and PP23) that allow usb access by soldering right to the board, bypassing the female usb connector. Is this feature available on the radxa zero? I only need 2.0 data lines (D+, D-).


No solder pads, but according to the schematics, you can connect to ED7/ED6 located at the bottom side of the pcb.

But the components are so tiny, you should be very careful while soldering them.

Thanks! I will try soldering. Can you help me know exactly what to solder to? Which of the components that you highlight is D+ and which is D-? And which side of each component should I solder a wire to?

Thanks again!

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Thank you very much!