USB Port on PoE HAT does not work

Hello everyone,

some days ago I received a RockPi-E Rev1.2 together with a PoE HAT from Radxa.

PoE part works fine for both power and data, but I’m struggling to use the USB port, when I connect any USB peripheral (drive, mouse, keyboard, etc.) nothing happens, no changes with lsusb command before and after

I had a look to the PCB and I found out something weird to me, two components on the USB data lines are missing. Schematic of the PoE HAT are not released, so I can’t verify if this is normal or not.

Is it possible to have the schematic released, if not full one at least the USB part?

You can track the PCB traces or test with an multimeter.

Is the USB port enabled in the DTS?

I think this batch of 13W PoE HAT is for the Raspberry Pi 4, which doesn’t have USB function but power only. Is your poe pin header at the right position?

I ordered one for RockPi-E, PoE connector is in the right position and PoE works fine

I can do that, but without schematic it’s just gambling

Could you please tell me the value of those resistors, I would like to solder them and test again.

I think your BOM for RockPi-E variant has an issue, because I got some pictures from WLANPi team and resistors are missing too

@jack there is a clear problem with the PoE HAT I received, could you please give some support to have USB working?

What I need is the value of those two resistors, so I can add them

I’m seeing the same issue with the 2 PoE HAT’s I have. USB port is not functional. I confirmed in the DTB the dr_mode is already set to “host”.

I’ve confirmed that with current batch of PoE HAT(v1.1), the USB signal routing is wrong, that’s why it’s for Raspberry Pi 4 only.

The resistor is usually 0 Ω for different options.

with some help from my multimeter I understood the issue.

the two missing 0Ohm resistors are connected to the wrong pins on GPIO header (23-25 instead of 16-18)

This means USB will not work even if I populate the missing resistors.

Are you planning to release a new version to fix this problem?

Yes, a new batch(v1.2) is under progress now.

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So what are the options for those of us who purchased the current version?