USB Camera Support

How can I aktivate or install Usb camera Support on the Ubuntu img?

I installed the Video4linux utils, but i habe no /dev/Video


pi@rockpis:~$ kmod list
Module Size Used by
md4 16384 0
cifs 344064 2
hci_uart 36864 0

can i unminimize the img?
or somthin else?


Hi, USB camera is supported on ROCK Pi S. See this guide,


I know this guide but i did not noticed the usb-cam part

The problem is that the documentation says to upgrade the “kernel to version 4.4.143-41-rockchip or newer.” but when I run “sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-rockpis-latest” I get a reply that “linux-4.4-rockpis-latest is already the newest version (4.4.143-39-rockchip)”.
So I switched to the testing repository, upgraded, rebooted and it worked:

cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list

# deb buster main
deb buster main

This was bugging me for a bit until I saw that it needed the latest kernel.

Yes, USB Camera support was newly added several days ago.

Is there a way to decode the USB camera with ffmpeg and hardware acceleration?