Upstream Linux kernel commits

Hi guys

Has anyone been paying attention to the latest commits for the rk3588? The work has been moving at a nice pace. Looks like the rk3588 might be on track for upstream Linux support in 6.2? Based on the commit messages it sure seems to be.

Thanks to the devs who are working hard on this.




I was highlighting the progress and should have posted a link thanks!

I don’t think it could land in 6.2 as the merge window is closed a month ago. Probably in upcoming 6.3 release we can have these upstream support merged so that we can have a useable upstream kernel to get most of the SoC working. The GPU driver will be still missing but probably we can get arm’s mali-kbase to be built and use that with panfork.

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After seeing the kernel sources armbian uses ( banch: rk3588), I have the question: Is PCI-e (and ethernet) support work-in-progress?


The PCIe is WIP:

And the embedded ethernet should already merged in 6.2, but our Rock 5B
does not use internal GbE MAC.

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