Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04

I have a Rock PI S runnning with the Ubuntu 20.04 Image. Is it possible to do an do-release-upgrade to upgrade to 22.04 or will it break anything?

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Did anyone try this yet? Considering a Radxa Zero purchase but I’d need 22.04 to run some specific ROS packages https://github.com/linorobot/ros2me

There is a better option then “Ubuntu”:

But wait until those fixes are merged into the system.

Ubuntu is the OS supported by ROS2 https://docs.ros.org/en/humble/Installation/Alternatives/Ubuntu-Install-Binary.html#system-requirements

Good. Just Ubuntu will not support any SBC other then Raspberry Pi and few others. Armbian will: https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-armbian

I don’t know nothing about ROS - but if they say Ubuntu is good without any hardware specifics, then don’t worry about.

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So I can use Ubuntu packages with the Jammy version of Armbian?


If you have the time/inclination could you see if this script will run? https://github.com/linorobot/ros2me

Isn’t it clear from https://docs.armbian.com/#what-is-armbian ? :thinking: User land is assembled from the same package repository as official Ubuntu. Therefore its 100% compatible in this aspect, but proprietary Canonical things were removed. The most important part of the OS, HW interface, doesn’t come from neither Ubuntu nor Debian as that is in terrible / usually unusable state.

That is your homework.

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No it wasn’t clear to me. Maybe if it said something like: This means it’s largely compatible with Ubuntu packages

I don’t own any Radxa boards to play with at the moment. I might try in the future. If anyone else could test it in the meantime that would be interesting to me.

It breaks it :frowning:

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Hmm sorry about that. Did it break in interesting ways?

It just wouldn’t boot - so not really interesting

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Just tried this on a Rock Pi 4C+ using do-release-upgrade after installing it via sudo apt install update-manager-core and wouldn’t boot.

Have anyone good a upgrade to work?

i installed ros2 rolling on custom ubuntu - [Ubuntu Desktop/Server by Joshua-Riek](
github com/Joshua-Riek/ubuntu-rockchip)

and it seems it works well.
But there is a problem with 4k Radxa native camera on ubuntu i couldnt fix - green colors -
www youtube com/watch?v=wwiR1BqJFoM