Update/write SPI using a USB SPI programmer?

Has anyone done this or is it possible? By doing this did we need ROCKPI-4C-uboot-trust-spi.img only, is rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.15.114.bin a must?

it’s possible, just wire the right pins on the 40P header and write the spi-uboot-trust.img binary. It will work. You don’t need the loader.bin .

For my SPI programmer, it has 8 pins.
But in Radxa it says differently. How can I connect the pins right? Thanks.

Well, there is numbers, DO/DI states for Digital Output / Digital Input, SO/SI states for Serial Output / Serial Input, which is the same in this context, because you can’t be Serial and non-Digital

Thanks. I confirm it’s doable and success.
Think Radxa can put it on wiki after all it’s a very easy way to write SPI.