Update uboot-trust-spi img to u-boot2019.10

Hi all,
Just noticed the u-boot has release the 2019.10 stable, could you update the spi img to the latest version?


Hello mko_io,

You need only idbloader.img on sector 63
u-boot.itb on sector 16384
on the micro sd card.

do this
download and extract (or git pull)
make rock-pi-4-rk3399_defconfig
make all

With Rock Pi 4B version 1.4 it is working.

With this way you do not need the trust img anymore

Best Regards

That’s awesome, without trust img makes the boot process event simpler, I’ll give it try later, thanks

FYI - I can boot into grub. Loading the kernel. initrd works

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For the mainline u-boot, you don’t need the uboot-trust-spi.img, you just use the u-boot SPL for the SPI, write to the SPI flash under u-boot with sf command. With mainline, everything is “familiar” :slight_smile:

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@jack Can you provide a little more information on how to do this? I have a Rock Pi 4 v1.4 and have a working uboot I would like to use but I am unclear how to use the sf command to write to SPI. I currently have nothing on my SPI.

@PhoenixMage do you have mainline u-boot or the radxa u-boot?

@jack I have a working mainline u-boot