Unable to use onboard Microphone Rock Pi 4B and Android 9 Tablet


I’m using the RADXA Android 9 tablet build with the Rock Pi 4B board. While trying to run calls using apps like Skype / WhatsApp etc. I’m unable to transmit my voice either using the onboard microphone Or the Bluetooth headset Or the 3.5mm audio jack. I can hear the other side though clearly

Can you please suggest how to resolve this issue


For ROCK Pi 4B, the mic is routed to the on board mic by default. For ROCK Pi 4C, the mic is default for headphone jack. You can either solder a mic on the board or change to 4C.

hi jack, i am using also Rock Pi 4B and struggle with same problem as vsmo2. Where is the mic to be soldered to on the board? Can you please show me ? Thanks in advance!

hi vsmo2, did you find a solution?

Kind regards