Unable to boot initially

I am trying to figure out if my board is DOA or I just didn’t set it up correctly, I downloaded and flashed the debian image from the radxa download section, and tried booting my board. All I get is a solid green light, no HDMI output and no network lights. It seems completely unresponsive. I am planning to put an M.2 SSD into the back slot so I tried putting that one in, but didn’t write anything to it yet, but still no luck. I can hookup a serial adapter, but before I go through that is there anyway to see if the board is actually doing anything?

I am experiencing the exact same issues, although in my case I flashed Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit “Lite” onto a 4GB MicroSD card. I have read that RockPi 4 SE recommends “at least 8 GB” for the MicroSD card, so I am waiting to test if that will work. But as it is, it does not show anything on HDMI with USB Keyboard and USB Mouse connected, powered via a USB-C AC MacBook charger. I tried adjusting the HDMI settings in the RasPi config.txt and still nothing.

I have now tried to reinstall the spi and I can successfully see my device using USB on Mac ARM, Mac Intel, Windows and Ubuntu. Each OS shows that I can flash the SPI and it says success, but Test Device always fails. I am not sure how to proceed, it feels like I have a DOA device, but it does show up in USB which at least let’s me assume that the boot loader is either corrupted or the flash rom containing the boot loader is damaged. I think they mean 8G of free space for the installation the way I understand it.

I do not wish to flash the device by USB, I was under the impression I would be able to boot it by flashing a bootable image onto the MicroSD card. :frowning:

Yes makes sense. There is a little bit of a problem negotiating power, but I don’t have a working board right now either. I found on one comment that a PD2.0 power supply will work, but if the system needs more power than before negotiating up it may not boot, because the usb power negotiation happens inside of the OS and not yet during boot loader (inside of spi). In theory it should boot out of the box with a microSD.

I have obtained new SanDisk Ultra 32GB “A1” Class 10 MicroSD cards. I’m going to try flashing the OS fresh again and see if that makes it boot. Will report back.