Unable to Boot Debian Rock Pi 4c+

Hi! I am pretty much a total newb to Linux besides running Ubuntu Lite on a very old RaspPi, and have a few projects I want to work on for my own information. I bought the 4C+ because I found one available. I’ve followed all tutorials to boot, using a 128gb SD card loaded with Debian Buster for the 4C+ using the software provided on the Radxa Rockpi4 guide. When plugged in the green LED will emit light showing power, and then the blue light will flash 7 times and then stop, or no light at all. I have once on a reboot gotten the blue light to blink consistently (but with no HDMI signal output) and it has once stayed a solid blue (also with no signal). I did nothing different when these things occurred, just a hard reboot. I tried to repair my installation of Debian by formatting the drive on my PC and reinstalling, but same result. I’d like to know if I’m just stupid or if this issue really is nuanced. Thanks!