UK Availability


I am looking to acquire a Rock Pi 4. however the EU linked stores do not ship to the UK.

When will availability through a proper retailer be made available?


You can buy from Allnet China


Hello Jack.

Thank you for your response, upon reaching the checkout and entering my address, I get told that shipping to the UK isn’t available.

Any ideas?


I’ve messaged on Telegram but for anyone reading this forum:

I have emailed the China allnet shop and they have come back to me with an initial response. They have said that when they opened up the shop, they did not initially plan to ship to any European country but that may change now (I’m not sure if this means just for the UK or any European country). They should come back to me in the next 48 hours. I will provide an update here when they do.



To confirm,

I have had a response now for the Allnetchina store that we can order from there to the UK. They have said they expect the heatsink in stock early next week if that is something you’re wanting, you may be best to wait for a few days.