Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 LTS for Rock Pi 4B

Radxa, where you guys thinking about adapting Ubuntu Server 22.04.1 LTS to Rock Pi 4B?

It has very long support, till Aug 2027. There would be many updates and the image is fresh.
There is Raspberry Pi 4B version, which would be nearly easy to adapt.

It would be great to have that OS on board.

We have a great OS made from Ubuntu 22.04 packages for about a year now and by default cleaned all Canonical bloat/spy ware. I tried Ubuntu on Rpi and its made so poor that is pointless trying. Nothing really works - it can’t match RpiOS. Have you ever tried it or you assume / expect this is Ubuntu you put on your x86 desktop, where it performs decently.

@igorp can you please GTFO of here?

Answer the question. Good day to you too.

@igorp no one asked you and you are not well seen here.

You did. This is public forum and my answer is closely related to the topic. Yours are personal.

Dear Mr.@pbies. If your intension is to ask a question / raise a concern to Raxda folks, then please click on the “Contact” on top right menu and please take your concerns to them directly. When post your query on the Community channel, it is open for all and everyone is entitled to comment. Not point in getting upset and use a filthy language just because you didn’t hear what you would like to hear. Or you heard it from someone whom you seemed to have a personal hatred. We all can agree to disagree and move on and still be professional.

This is how you get banned from forums…

But hey, I’m new here. Are the Radxa forums normally so vitriolic, crude and repugnant? How exactly do people like you stay in the forums for over 3 years?

@j19, imagine the person who always go and say “pay us and we will do your request” every single time when no one even talks about their product. That’s Igor for you. So, that’s why such harsh great here

By all means, I do not mean, that Igor is that wrong in his doing, he is doing that for Armbian to become greater.

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I would say that it’s not impossible, but not high priority right now (since launch is soon)

And it’s anyway will work after Rock5 get accepted into mainline.

Perhaps you get it wrong?

Its open source. You can investigate and deal with request you have on your own. Perhaps you can steal solution from someone like most of amateur distros do. They can’t afford to work days and weeks on problems as they have their full time jobs.

Find and hire a person that will do the work instead of you. According to your understanding of Linux, things are plain, cheap and simple. Try.

Since I was friendly to you, I didn’t ignore you but said we might help you - but you have to compensate time that will be lost for working on a problem you have. But as you understood that not willing to pay for solving a problem for you is an insult to you, its not possible to help. We already help you a lot, but you don’t even notice. Perhaps this will wake you up?

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We should upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 for sure.