Ubuntu Server 18.04 - How to decrease boot time of the Rock Pi 4?

I have tested boot time of some operating systems from https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/downloads

My results:
LibreELEC 9.1.002 - 18 sec
Ubuntu Server 18.04 - 30 sec
Debian Stretch 9.9 - 30 sec
Debian ARM64 Build 4.4.154.c83 - 31 sec
Armbian 5.67 - 32 sec
DietPi Buster - 60 sec

I’m planning to use Ubuntu Server. As you can see LibreELEC has best boot time of 18 sec.
I wonder is it possible to decrease Ubuntu Server boot time up to 20 sec at least and how to do that?

You choose it by the boot time? Seriously?

By starting your own custom Linux distribution made from scratch with Yocto. It will cost you …

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No, of course not! :slight_smile:

It would be better for me if there is some possibility to cut off some parts of existing distribution. May be disable some services, etc. I’m newbie in that and have lack of deep knowledge of linux.

Better stick to some clean and supported Linux, best would be https://www.armbian.com/rock-pi-4/ where experienced people already did this job for you. Standard (Debian like) Linux needs some time to put up necessary services. There is nothing you don’t need or something that would slow you down for no reason.

Only (usually) single task custom Linux OS can boot faster … which is also seen from your experiment (OpenElec = “just enough OS to run KODI”).

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Choose to boot from eMMC or M.2, eventually SSD drive from USB 3.0. I have lowered the boot time to few seconds.

I boot from eMMC.