Ubuntu Release Upgrade Question

I have a Rock 4B board running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. I looked for either a 22.04 LTS or 24.02 LTS Ubuntu version on the RADXA site, without success. So I attempted to upgrade to 22.04 LTS with the hopes of then upgrading to the latest 24.04 LTS. However, after running the do-release-upgrade, the system failed to boot. I had to re-install the 20.04 LTS.

Is it possible to advance the Ubuntu release from 20.04 and if so, what do I have to do to allow the system to boot to the new OS release?

I found this link, but it only provides support to the Rock5A and Rock5B boards.

While it should be possible for some boards it also requires extra work and attention and everybody just used to flash new image when they need different os/release. Of course there are some attempts to change that, but mostly they are just problematic.
I’m sure that there is no 24.04 image available for this board, RK35xx are more decent. There were some jammy builds by Armbian, but I think that they already stopped to build anything for Rock4 family and as always - you are on your own to do whatever You need. Last images are here: https://fi.mirror.armbian.de/archive/rock-4se/archive/

I also found this site:
ROCK Pi 4 model B SD card images (johang.se)
but the image creates only two partitions on the SD card instead of the five that the Radxa site’s 20.04 provides. I vaguely recall some sort of activity to deploy a modified boot process for the Rock 4B that made use of the SPI memory that was on some releases of the Rock 4B, (I even managed to solder on an SPI memory chip onto an earlier Rock 4B that I purchased) but I’m not sure whether it allowed omission of the extra partitions involvement in the boot process or not. I left a question on Johan’s github page, but haven’t heard back from him yet. Can I take an SD card prepped with the five partitions, put the boot-rock file from Johan on the fourth partition and the Ubuntu 24.04 file on the fifth partition and get a bootable SD card?

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Nice find, I did not tried those, they may be ok or buggy, I’ll need to take a look t those.
@radxa - maybe worth to update official docs with link for that as 3rd party images.

If You have spi on board then boot process is looking for second stage loader there, on same page there is u-boot prepared for spi image, so it will work with those images running from sd or emmc. For NVME boot probably some extra effort is needed, but they may already support that too.

So just use included u-boot with this image.