Ubuntu image supports Video Hardware Codec

Hi, firefly has support on HW Codec Support.
But when we try to upload firefly firmware on Radxa CM3 we failed. Is there anyone can help on this?

Or is there a way to use MPP. We follow some instructions on forum but we could not success.


All the Debian packages are on Rockchip’s Github.
You can try to install what you need.

Is VPU activated in default kernel? When we check we see that it is not activated, we cannot see /dev/vpu* too.

you can just use the raxda repos

and they are more compatible as the firefly ones

and every dowmstream kernel support hw deccoding and encoding

you just have to read the manuals and thinker a little

Thanks for informations. I build mpp with https://github.com/rockchip-linux/mpp
When I try to run, it gives segfault, or saying
mpp_log: can not found match soc name: radxa,radxa-cm3-io rockchip,rk3566

I create an issue

I used debian from radxa:

So, I could not make it work.

Even if “every dowmstream kernel support hw decoding and encoding” how? We used related binaries (mpp, mpi, vpu tools from radxa repos), all we get is segmentation faults and error messages, which we have posted here. Can you post a working example, screenshot etc, to know what to expect when these tools work? It is a RK3566 CM3 module, we need to see hw decoding works on any supported linux. Is there any working example with gstreamer or ffmpeg on RK6566 CM3? Thanks in advance

ow did you you look at your mpp version ?

and the mpp version in the kernel has to work with the mpp in userland or you use the ones provided in the sdk or you have to try and error

and i doubt a kernel from 2021/2022 would work with mpp from 2019 :wink:
“mpi: mpp version: 5ce1cb85 author: Caesar Wang debian: add rules for mpp with 20190626”

and there are 3 demos repos mentioned in the repo info and in the docs they go deeper in the mpp usage

Hi again, first of all thanks for your answers.

Many people try to handle this problem. We too. There is only 1 kernel and 1 bsp. How can we find previous kernel? Or if you know better please give some help. I do not pay anyone to solve this and I try to solve that problem my self. If you can solve it we can buy you many beer. Help to those people to solve :slight_smile: Thanks…

there are multple bsp’s and kernels

but i looked at and see the trouble :), the debian build repo has still the old precomiled packages so no wonder that you got a 2020 mpp userland

you can try a newer image the newer mpp are just added

so try

I upgrade CM3 to bullseye. And use mpi libraries that you point out.

mpi_dec_test -i h264.h264 -w 10 -h 10 -o aa
it worked. Thanks.