Ubuntu/Debian image missing PCIE/NVME

I’m using the latest Ubuntu image released on the 6th with a Rock Pi N10 model B (6GB). So far things seem fine, but I’ve not been able to get an NVME (Samsung EVO 970 512GB) to be recognized. I also tried the Debian image and had the same issue.

After some digging I discovered that PCIE/NVME support is missing in the u-boot image. The rk3399pro-rockpi-n10-linux_defconfig file is missing (at least):


Adding those and building a new debian image does cause the logs to display some PCIE scan related failures:

rockchip-pcie f8000000.pcie: PCIe link training gen1 timeout!
rockchip-pcie: probe of f8000000.pcie failed with error -110

I had seen another rockchip board which had NVMe issues, and the fix for them was to add a delay following rockchip_pcie_cfg_atu and prior to scan. I did that in pcie_rockchip.c, but that didn’t help either.


  • Do I have all of the config options set properly to enable NVMe support for the N10?
  • How can I build a new Ubuntu 18.04 image - the instructions for Debian are great, but I don’t know how to do the same for Ubuntu.
  • Anything else I can try? I’m able to jump into the code to make changes and troubleshoot, but need some guidance.
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So I really wanted to love this board…

But your officially released OS images don’t support NVMe at all on this board - which is one of its primary selling points.

I can understand that it is a new product, that work is still ongoing, and that there will be issues along the way. But to ship this out in a broken state and then not respond at all for request to assistance?

Sorry, I’ll have to avoid your products until if/when they are more mature.

Radxa has one of the best support in this business. Imagine how bad is elsewhere …

Use this:

(check both kernels, 4.4.y and 5.4.y. They are very different)

Build with this:

And remember to support the project that save you time:

There is no N10 there. Should I use the Pi 4 image and the NPU will just work?

Ups. I read too quick. I though you are asking for Pi4 … No, we don’t support N10, but if we would, it would be this easy.

Hi @davidkern ,

Sorry for your troubles. Searching for pcie, I came across this patch for Rock Pi 4. Maybe something similar is needed for Rock Pi N10?

Try emailing Radxa support as well.