Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

I’ve observed below problems with current image of Ubuntu.
Linux rock 5.10.103+ #rockchip

  1. sometimes not booting without an external reason, need to restart (power off and on)
  2. LCD does not work properly - resolution is by default set to not-readable text (too high), no way to set proper resolution (kernel params, /etc/default/console-setup and rebuild initrd, and few others), with earlier 4.4.154 kernel there was no problems at all
  3. temperature sensor DS18B20 not detected (since 4.4.154)
  4. need a way to disable Bluetooth completely
  5. need a way to disable Wi-Fi completely
  6. system is getting up few minutes till SSH connection acceptance

You may add any seen problems.

I was missing: rsyslog, man-db, cron - in the provided system image.

What I have also done to remove errors and make system more alive:

apt install crda man-db rsyslog whoopsie cron //these were missing
apt purge blueman // I don't need GTK+ Bluetooth manager
apt purge cups // I don't need Common Unix Printing System
apt purge libblockdev2
apt purge udisks2
apt purge usbmount // somebody would need that, not me
disable ntp service // I have ntpdate in crontab
disable wi-fi
disable winbind service // was giving some errors
systemctl disable bluetooth.service
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Did you find out how correctly install mad-db and corn?

No. I am running old image so far.