Uart3-m1 not working in rock-S0

No matter which uart port I use ( I mean enabling the right overlay for uart and using the right pins in my board) I cannot see my serial device connected!
Using radxa bookworm, updated via rsetup. So this issue I see with the official radxa overlays 0.1.7 and 0.1.10

Using pins UART3_RX_M1 and UART_TX_M1 (pins 15 and 33 respectively), and enabling the uart3_m1 overlay. I get the following in dmesg:

[ 1.613688] dw-apb-uart ff0e0000.serial: Failed to create device link (0x180) with vcc-1v8

[ 121.712279] dw-apb-uart ff0d0000.serial: failed to request DMA

I dont know which uart is ff0e, and I guess the one I should concern is ff0d0000 serial (uart3). How can I solve it?
Is there any dma-names I could use in the overlay? Is there any way I could just use interrupts? My device is seding one one byte (keyboard events).
Note: I’m using uart3_m1 because I have another device connected to SPI2, that disables uart1 and 2. But I get the same results in a spare board with just the keyboard, on either uart1, uart2 or uart3.