Uart2 actvation by rsetup is not complete

Hi, all,
When i Activate uart2 via rsetup, many issues make ttyS2 unusable :

  • a getty is still running /dev/ttyS2
  • group should be dialout on /dev/ttyS2
  • I stop getty on ttyS2 via systemctl,
  • chown root:dialout /dev/rrtS2
  • chmod g+rw /dev/ttyS2
  • install un jumper between pin8 and pin 10
    then minicom -D /dev/ttyS2 -b 9600 SHOULD show echo of my keystrokes…
    Please note :
    1° I found no problems activatiing uart4 via rsetup, jump pin 19&21, test minicom OK on /dev/ttyS4.
    2° all forum articles reffering to this kind of issue suggest solutions incompatibles with rsetup