U-boot configuration used by official builds


is there a way to find out the u-boot configurations which was used for the official Rock 4C+ debian images? I’d like to do some tweaking. Specifically, the CLI image [1] supports USB boot, which I don’t need. So I want to disable it to save some boot time.

Cheers & thanks

[1] https://github.com/radxa-build/rock-4c-plus/releases/download/b60/rock-4c-plus_debian_bullseye_cli_b60.img.xz

@RadxaYuntian can you give some advice?

Please first check the installed u-boot-rock-4c-plus and u-boot-latest version.

The bsp commit ID is the former, while the u-boot commit ID is the latter.

You should then be able to follow this tutorial to reproduce the package. You can then modify the fork.conf like what we did here to disable USB boot.


thanks for your update! I’ll try this.