Twister OS and Diet Pi

So far Armbian is the only linux I have had luck of getting up and running.
Would like to get Twister OS or Diet pi working but no luck with either one.
Twister is not booting up and Diet pi won’t load wifi , have set region to USA and even manually entered the SSID and wifi, it just fails.
Searched for some good tuturials but limited information out there.
PS , using a Radxa Zero 2g 8emmc board.

Armbian is a good OS.

Manjaro works well. It’s been a few months but if I remember correctly, there’s an Ubuntu version that works well.

Android was atrocious and like you, I couldn’t get Diet Pi or Twister OS working (was really excited about Twister).

Thank you for the response, and I think Armbian so far is the most usable, the default android on the EMMC was a bit quirky. This powerful little Radxa Zero will hold me over till I get my Rock Pi 5 :slight_smile:


Armbian is a build framework first that is able to assemble OS from sources. It is backed by professionals that invests tens of thousands of engineering hours every year into this world. In order that this hardware works better and that doesn’t fall apart. It has own maintenance, development, release cycles, own distribution network, board maintainers, experts on all levels with decades of experiences. Its quite a serious project and has advanced all mainstream distributions in this segment.

Dietpi and Twister are small amateur projects oriented toward amateur end users trying to earn something and have fun (assuming, don’t know). They need to invest very little to provide an OS since they both simply download (or build) Armbian (or RaspberryPi OS), change name, add something and put image out … They don’t fix troubles or have development related to hardware even they both (assuming again) are in love with single boards hardware. But they don’t do anything complicated, expensive or time consuming. Changes they do can represents security questions since development is on amateur level. Twister added value is (i think / probably) some wallpaper changer and other visual improvements and some preinstalled things for gaming and Dietpi wants to represent themselves as a distro for single board computers, but in fact they only code some scripts for applications installer and replacement of some stock Debian scripts … if something is broken in Armbian/RaspberryPi it should be broken in both.