Touchscreen - ubuntu 18.04.2


I have RPi touchscreen up and working with my device. When the screen goes blank touching the screen doesn’t wake it up.

Is there something I can do to update this so that it works? I prefer to use ubuntu-desktop, but am unsure if I would need to use a different image.

I’m also curious about calibrating the screen…


Can ubuntu-desktop run on rock pi? The official website only has a mirror of Ubuntu-sever. After installing the desktop on Ubuntu-sever, I found many problems. The most important thing is that there is no login manager, and WiFi can not be used properly.


fairly sure I installed ubuntu-server, then installed X
xfce4 and xfce4-goodies

then added touchscreen and it works, though I’m not sure how to calibrate it and how to wake it up when the screen goes blank.

Though, the screen wakes up on ‘Network Manager’ notifications


Is it a USB touch screen?


It’s a Raspberry PI touch display, which connects to the board via ribbon cable and +/- 5v connectors.

like this:


The official Raspberry Pi display doesn’t have IRQ on hardware, the touch is implemented via poll. So I don’t think we can use it for wake up. you can use some other input to wakeup such as USB mouse.


So, is there a touchscreen display that would provide the IRQ? Or is there a way to do polling like the RPi does?


I use this display and it works. I am using the NanoPi M4 right now with it and it works. Just tried it.

You can find them cheaper. But it’s the one with 2 microUSB ports that’s best.
I’ve had an original Waveshare 7" 1024x600 display and the microUSB port broke off after a few weeks.
I’ve been using this one for +2 years now, I take it with me when traveling. It’s always done a great job.

Those RPI displays are way overpriced. It’s the same panels they use, but just a much bigger profit.


Here the cheaper one.
You can buy a case and stand with it and it’s still cheaper.



So, then is it the screen or that you are using a “NanoPi M4”?


Try it with another device. Or with debian or Android and you’ll know.
I rarely use touch. I don’t find it useful for my goals.