Tiny Core Linux on Rock Pi S


Has anyone installed Tiny Core Linux on Rock Pi S?

I am trying to see if this is an option on the Rock Pi S 256MB/1GB version

any links to an image or instructions would be great

Thanks in advance

Does not exists. Try this:
Build from sources:

Thank you Igor

If you could give a bit more guidance, it would be nice (trying to learm more on the Linux)

The armbian build is for Debian/Ubuntu - not TCL. I am not sure my knowledge of Linux (unlike windows) would be sufficient to build only the kernel and add the TCL components to create a TCL build.

thanks again

I can give you hints and directions at best.

If you want to learn Linux, dig in, play, get a book. Back in the old days, seniors told us to RTFM … :slight_smile:

This is the best for you without spending months to years to learn. TCL is just a myth that has little value here. Never heard anyone would want to have TCL on SBC. If you want to have something tiny, you go for Yocto / buildroot, which are again not something to recommend for a Linux amateur.

Thank you
Have already started on the Yocto, which will suit our needs better (not so amateur after all!). was only looking for links to detailed documentation.

The nuance of the language may have escaped your reading, the question was not looking for an opinion on TCL, perhaps I could decide that.

Also I think someone also said, the more you know, more you don’t know!

It is not, but if you start from scratch, learning curve is pretty steep. Not sure what your resources are and what is your aim with this, how much custom you need, but it can be challenging.

Agree. I have about 5 years of experiences specifically with Yocto (on top of 25 of *nix) so I know I know very little. Around two years lasted to get familiar with basic Yocto tricks, but this is in case if you want to have a very custom OS and deal with all levels of customisation. If you fire out stock yocto poky OS or whatever its called today, then its not that hard. But there is probably no (modern) BSP for this hardware, so that is yet another challenge you have to deal with if you go that path. Good luck in any case.