"This is paid job "audio Play via Bluetooth Rock PI 4C and B

In the job post we mentioned below 4 points:

  1. Listen to music
  2. Attend the phone calls
  3. Send audio to and from the connected mobile
  4. File transfer from hardware to the connected mobile

Where, 1st one is very simple and achieved and you can ignore the 3rd, 4th one. We need you to work on 2nd right now. We want the hardware to work as bluetooth headphones through which someone can listen to the music (i.e. 1st point) and can do the voice communication (i.e. 2nd point).

Profiles must be in auto switch mode like if someone is listening to the music and gets a call then device must change the profile to call mode and once the call will be finished it should be set back to the listening mode.

OS environment and use case validations are okay. As I shared with you on the call that one of the PulseAudio contributors shared that we can achieve it through PA only (Use PA master instead, no hsphfpd/ofono needed. You get mSBC too).

Regarding the hardware, please get it by yourself from the Online or Local shop, who can deliver the fast and share the invoice with Deepesh to clear it.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Contact: kamlesh.kushwaha@systematixindia.com
whats app: +91 8602945222

Attend the phone calls

This is not supported on ROCK Pi 4, hardware limitation.

We want to listen to songs via Bluetooth and revive the calls like Bluetooth headphones we want to use this is capable?

This is not supported on ROCK Pi 4, hardware limitation.

SO do you suggest any hardware with the same processor which can do this task or any other Idea?