Things found in BIOS

I was looking through the BIOS and saw a few things that stuck out… I can’t get back to the BIOS at the moment, but I recall seeing an IMU disabled as well as a Gravity sensor disabled. Are these devices perhaps actually installed on the RockPiX or are they just in the BIOS?

These sensors are not on the ROCK Pi X. And it should be removed from the bios menu. You know the bios code is derived from the windows tablet design.

Hi Jack.
I’m doing performance tests with the RockPiX.
With turbo on it performs great single core. Goes up to 1.9Ghz.
Tho multi core it’s stuck at 1.68Ghz. I am using a big fan.
Tried many settings in bios in CPU and thermal but nothing changed it.
Is it possible to have a bit more performance with multi-core tasks? Greetings.

1.68GHz all-core is expected for the x5-Z8350. The Intel power/freq management prevents the CPU cores from running at 1.92GHz when all cores are active, regardless of the firmware settings/configuration.