There is no wifi interface in openwrt

Good day. I got Pi E today, installed Openwrt, but there is no wifi interface … What should I do?

in the web interface is also missing wireless…
the module is not working properly? return?

I am running the same problem :frowning:

Rock Pi E that I bought has 512MB. So I believe it has RTL8723DU (Wlan 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.2).

When I booted the board, though I see the blue LED light blinking, I don’t see “Wireless” listed under “Network” when I log into LuCI admin portal from the browser. And I am not sure what I should look for from “dmesg” output.

When I installed Armbian, the same board boots up fine and WiFi is also working fine ! I was able to connect it to my home network and I could also have it as an Access Point as well.

I would like to use OpenWRT as it has everything else out of the box for our needs.

I am not a driver developer or any expert.

Being naive here : Wondering if anyone will take the code from Armbian codebase and port it to OpenWRT (assuming it’s all possible techincally and legally) ?

I followed this thread and at the end of it, Stephen from Radxa team has posted the link for the driver code ( for RTL8723DU.

Can anyone share the knowledge in how to integrate the above code into OpenWRT so that it can work with the 512 MB version of Rock Pi E ?

Apprecaite any thoughts, advice.

I am waiting for the solution.