The Debian building environment does not build debian packages with kernel, kernel modules, kernel headers and kernel sources

In the debian image that I have downloaded from , I have linux-image-4.4.167-14-rockchip-g53bdb2fa44e8 , linux-firmware-image-4.4.167-14-rockchip-g53bdb2fa44e8 and linux-headers-4.4.167-14-rockchip-g53bdb2fa44e8 packages installed.
I’ve built my own version of system using the description provided on .
The u-boot, kernel and rootfs have been successfully built, however I have noticed that the loadable kernel modules are neither included into the created rootfs nor produced as installable debian packages.
Without them, the created image is simply useless.
The modules themselves are created, and are located in their original source directories.
How can I produce the necessary debian packages using the environment described in ?

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It looks like the right way to have my own version of the kernel is to follow and install the produced kernel to the downloaded official Debian image.
Am I right?
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Yes, the procedure described in allowed me to build the Debian packages with kernel, modules, headers and firmware, which I could then install in the system obtained from
After that I’m finally able to work with my modified kernel configuration and custom drivers.



Yes. That’s okay.