Supply? When can we expect more Rock 5 ITX in stock?

Seems like they sold out very quickly!

Well done! Great success! Obviously a winning product design.

Now, when can the rest of us expect to be able to order some?

I made the silly mistake of telling a bunch of friends about it, who all got pretty excited and now they’re saying to me “What the hell?”

And an even better question: what about ALL THE OTHER Rock5 boards? Can’t seem to get Rock5B, and only 16/32GB Rock5C. Rock5A is back in stock, but you’ve got to either want Wifi or an NVMe drive, but not both.

And one more question: Rock 5C cases? Any suggestions?

arace.tec has stock

Got an email that there was new stock this morning at Allnet China… now the 16GB & 32GB have sold out again, with only the 8GB left… same on Arace.tec. Amazon has nothing at all, as does Aliexpress.

I’m in Australia, so the total price with shipping ($62 versus $11) and the RMB -> USD -> EUR -> AUD price conversion from Arace.tec is out of the question for me… Works out almost twice the total price.