SuperTux - running slow

On a raspberry PI I can set it up to use G2 GL (Fake KMS) does the rock have a similar setup?

Rock Pi 4 uses a Mali-T860 which is covered by Panfrost on the kernel side and Mesa on the user side. Make sure both of these are installed and working. (You will require at least Mesa 20, if your distro doesn’t provide it you will get no acceleration!) Do keep in mind that this GPU doesn’t support full profile OpenGL so it may run things expecting it a bit slower.

Thanks any chance you can point me at how to configure / enable Panfrost and Mesa I am running linaro-alip 4.4.154-111-rockchip

That kernel should have a binary driver for the GPU in it; I’m not sure how to proceed from there because I only use mainline kernels on my boards, sorry.

Maybe you may want to give it a shot to TwisterOS Armbian on your RockPi4. I just tested it with SuperTux, Tux Racer and SuperTuxKart and they all run in all its glory at 1920x1080 resolution(1080p) windowed or full screen.

Currently, TwisterOS Armbian uses Panfrost/OpenGL 3.1 Mesa 21.1.0-devel and Mainline 5.9.14.
SuperTux uses libglew2.0 an OpenGL Extension Wrangler - - runtime environment

And remember, whatever RaspberryPi4 does, RockPi4 can do it better.

sudo apt install supertux

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Thanks I will give that a try

Thanks works great esp off the eMMC card

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