Suggestions for next X2L board revision

I’d like to suggest a few changes to the X2L board to make it easier to use in IoT settings and for single-board-computer clusters.

  1. Add header pins to power and reset push-button swithces and LEDs for use in wiring up for use with external buttons and LEDs for use in cases and for remote interfaces. (Ideally, design and sell a kit for use in such settings.)

  2. Add pins for external fan for use in enclosures.

  3. Add a barrel-style 12V connector, useful as a supplement or alternative option in place of the USB-C one. This is especially useful when using with PoE using 48V --> 12V adapters as it’s hard to find any PoE adapters that terminate in USB-C.

Beyond this I’d like to encourage suggestions in this forum, inside or outside of this thread.


Replacing USB-C with a barrel jack would break convenience for normal users. I’m not sure if the board can accept 12V through USB-C but if it does, then there are simple electrical adapters. I, for example, straight up refuse to buy SBCs not powered with USB-C.

I didn’t say “replace”, but “add.” The problem with USB-C-only is that multiple USB-C chargers, especially ones with any sort of switchable control over the power, are almost impossible to find for any large number of connectors, and PoE-to-12V adapters always come with barrel connectors, not USB-C ones. The convenience of USB-C vanishes when you are dealing with multiple boards for this reason.

Oh, right. True, you didn’t say “replace”. But you also worded it saying “in place”.
Sorry, I simply got confused.

However it’s still true that there still are adapters for USB-C.
I didn’t mean USB-C coming from PoE-to-12V adapters. I was talking about these:

Thanks! Yes, I went down that rabbit hole and found a wealth of sizes and options, but so far have not yet found something that will carry 12V from a barrel plug to a USB-C one. For example, for that particular part, here is the notation: " * (Note: It can work normally only when the output voltage is 5V, and the maximum current is 3A. The maximum power is 15W. The output voltage cannot be 9V-12V.)Use a 5V power adapter with a barrel connector to power and charge SB Type C 2.0 devices.And the Type C 2.0 port can also charge DC devices." But perhaps supplying an adapter taht works could be an option for Radxa, or finding a part to suggest that works with 12V.