[Suggestion] For Future revisions, add retention mechanism for eMMC

Dear Radxa - I’ve had my rock 5 since January now, and I love the product. There are 2 suggestions however that I would love you to consider. One i think is a bit of wishful thinking because I think the possibilities to implement this are limited:

  1. Add code to maskrom mode allowing the export of SD, eMMC and or NVMe(thats the least likely I think) as mass storage devices to a PC by setting a specific maskrom mode. This would allow easier reflashing of the device with different firmware for new users and a decent full disk backup solution for advanced users.

  2. is actually a hardware suggestion. I noticed that even while the eMMC storage module looks like its sitting firmly in its place, when moving the board it needs to be repressed onto the board to be recognized on powering the board on again. How about a retention mechanism that holds the castellated PCB of the eMMC in place? This might be great for future hardware revisions/products.