Sue with M.2 NVME booting

After following the guide for installing the SPI flash and u boot I have a solid blue light on my Rock Pi 4B v1.4 with factory installed SPI chip. However my Inland 256GB M.2 NVME SSD won’t boot up Ubuntu Server Minimal.


Which SSD do you use? Make sure it’s in the supported list:

Well, I finally have my Rock Pi 4B v1.4 booting from and running on an Acer 256GB NVME SSD only and no emmc or sd card. I’ve been working on this for a while but hit the jackpot tonight. The instructions from Radxa were complicated for me but I was finally able to focus enough to get it done. I’m using the Mate Linux desktop and in the Disks application I benchmarked the nvme0n1p5 with an average read speed at 595 to 603 MBps. While this is very good, I’m wondering what Gen2 mode speeds I should reasonably expect? Am I able to get it up higher than the current speeds.?
I used an HP EX900-250GB Nvme ssd, not the Acer VT500M-128GB.