Stuttering RockPi4c Armbian Bluetooth receiver

Just wondering i someone has an idea where to go from here. I have a my phone playing audio over bluetooth to the RockPi4c. This works, but t suffers from massive stutterng.

I have already been through the forums of just about every debian based distribution, alot of it isn’t relevant as this isn’t an x86 system, but I’m not making any headway.

There’s a solution on stackexchange that has worked for many that changes the port latency, but that makes zero difference, I tried upping the port latency all the way up to 500ms.

Sound plays normally when I run an mp3player on the rockpi, leading me to conclude that the problem should be sought in de bluetooth configuration.

Has anyone else had a similar problem by any chance?

Yes, pretty much similar symptoms hereabout with my Rock Pi 4C’s bt headphone connections. I’ve an Armbian on my Rock Pi (on its nvme drive, boots and works fine!!!), and it stutters a lot, its sound quality is substandard. But then, on the other hand I’ve an OPI 4 with an Armbian as well, and it’s bt hp sound quality is very good, with the same JBL-bluetooth headphones. So I’ve 2 SBCs with some conflicting properties; a Rock Pi with a stuttering bt, but with a good hard drive which boots, and an OPI 4 which has a good overall bt and other performance, but has a little 16GB emmc and no nvme or ssd hd to boot. It has a pci-connector or something but afaik it can not boot from that, or have an OS on its SSD-nvme-disk. It just does not work, tested it with a pcie-card from opi, maybe meant for something else than for an HD. USB-disks work but there my expertise ends… if it had a working nvme-boot property It’d be the top of the affordable SBC-computers. So Rock Pi has a rival…

To add, Raspberry, yes I had 2 of those. One I returned back to the seller, and one I fried by accidentally connecting 2 neighbouring gpio-pins together. These two, Rock & OPi with Armbian are far better than R, says me.

Well, I’m afraid I’m going to be giving up on a ARM based solution for a while. Perhaps I’ll wait for the next generation or RISC-V boards, I see more future there anyway. For now, this just doesn’t seem to be mature enough for my application. A fast storage solution with long term reliability and stable bluetooth are things I can’t do without with what I want to build. Going to get and Odyssey I think.