Stuck on u-boot while rebooting working machine - Help Need


After working a couple of hours on rebooting RockPi-4A with 4GB RAM + Penta SATA HAT, it was stuck in u-boot. Blue heartbeat is not lighted, nor blinking.

OS installed is Armbian 23.8.1 Bullseye + penta service + OMV 6.9.11-4.

On the connected monitor, I see this:


eth0 is blinking by yellow LED on request from the router and green LED sometimes is “answering”. There are no any IP on the router for the device.

Do you have any ideas on how to complete the boot?


UPDATE: If eth0 cable is not connected there is nothing displayed on the monitor, u-boot logo.

I’m facing same issue
my RockPi-4C is stock on u-boot logo

Help please

I solved only by reinstalling OS.