Steps when booting the rock pi 4 for the first time

Hi everybody,

So I`m waiting for my RockPI 4 to arrive from China, however I wanted to already know what steps to do when I first boot it. I’ve seen that there are some firmware/kernel updates, is there any list of steps to make me sure it’s all updated?

I tried to get this info at the “Getting Started” but it only shows how to install images.

Thanks for the attention!

Hi, blas

You can update the firmware/kernel from Radxa APT .

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I am using Libreelec in my Rock Pi, however I cannot update the uboot and kernel. Do you think it’s necessary? If I install debian and update, will it keep the changes when I reinstall Libreelec?

Thanks in advance

Most definitely not.

I wonder if you realize that u-boot and the kernel are actually on your sdcard?

Libreelec distributes mmc (i.e. uSD/eMMC) images. These images contain all the related pieces, like u-boot, kernel, etc. If you install debian and then reinstall libreelec, then the libreelec image will overwrite ALL of debian on the card.

You should also put some more thought into what your goals are. For instance, WHY do you want to change the u-boot and kernel on libreelec? The pieces of libreelec are selected and configured to fit together and actually work. Try changing out the kernel with the one from debian, and it probably won’t even boot, let alone work the way you want it.

If your goal is to experiment with bleeding edge kernels, then libreelec is not the best choice of userspace. In fact, you could very easily install kodi ON debian to get yourself libreelec like functionality while satisfying your need to spill blood. Libreelec is made to “just work” (ideally).

Acctualy for some reason I thought it would have a small internal storage where I would have to update the kernel and so on.
It is working great with libreelec and honestly I’m surprised how smooth it’s running.

Yeah, my personal choice is to go with kodi on top of Android, due to massively greater flexibility, but same thing… the rockchip support is a lot better than it used to be. Working flawlessly.