Start second core from code (baremetal)

I have a Rock 3A board (rockchip rk3568) and I am studying its configuration on bare hardware.
I already know how to upload my bin file for execution via u-boot
Now I want to run the second kernel from the first one, but I don’t understand how.
I have been studying the Arm documentation and it seems to me that I need to use SMC which, using the PSCI interface, will send the CPU_ON command to another core specifying the starting address. But it doesn’t work. If I send a command after preloading the second Bin file for the second kernel, everything freezes on the command “smc #0”, if I try to wake up the second kernel, but do not load the bin file for it, then nothing freezes. But I don’t need it.

Perhaps I need to write something to the registers of the rk3568 itself beforehand? For example, what does the GRF_SOC_CON4 register and the mcu_boot_address field mean?