Stable kernel update for Ubuntu


Will there be issued stable kernel update for Ubuntu?

Also maybe a new version of image would be nice to see…


Oh, just found it:

“Install the latest kernel”


The red LED is blinking heartbeat! Nice!

What changes have been made since few last versions? Changelog is empty…


The changelog can be found on:

uname -r will tell you the short commit id of the kernel.


@jack Which kernels are the newest but stable and how to install newer than 4.4.154-83?


Seems like there is a typo in the repo (“lastest”):

$ apt list linux-4*
linux-4.4-lastest/unknown,now 4.4.154-83 all [installed]


Err, embarrassing. We will fix the naming issue. Currently the stable vendor kernel is 4.4.154-83. Working mainline kernel is 5.1, not full features but it works with basic functions.