SPI Nor Flash for booting from NVME

I am pretty new with Rock 3A and trying to flash it to make it working with nvme boot
I follow the instructions give in https://wiki.radxa.com/Rock3/install/spi

but it fails everytime

Do you have any experience with this?

Hi Rasa,
the way it worked for me was by installation of the ARMBIAN system onto a separate µSD card, booting the system from this and using “armbian-install” tool to install the boot-loader to MTD flash (setup point 7).

After that I took a fresh NVMe (in an external case) and installed armbian onto (again) by using “balena etcher”. This ensures that there is a valid boot-partition (FAT16) and an ext4 partition on the NVMe and it should boot then correctly without the µSD card.

If you need more specific information, just give me a call :slight_smile: