SPI Flash reset to default Pi 4 V1.4

how to reset default … please guide step by step… because initial level


I think you mean, you want to erase the SPI flash?

The instructions can be found here:


thanks i have go through the link your shared … but there is environment is discussed on Linux…

but i am windows 10 user … is there any link to return Pi 4 SPI reset to factory default setting ?

Dude, I’m in the same place but it seems the rarified air these linux guys breathe isn’t for the people who don’t wanna beat their brains out on a command line.

Darn you ExplainingComputers guy for making this board seem so awesome.


I think the step by step procedure for resetting the SPI is very well crafted and written. Just follow it step by step. The only difference is that you click on the buttons of your actual keyboard rather than colorful ones on your screen.
Don’t be bumped by just command line commands. They normally work very well and with the detailed description you should be fine.

In other words: How did you play around/kill your SPI w/o a minimum knowledge of these things and than say you don’t want to use command line :smiley:

As I understand it the killing happened before it got to me. There are many entries in the forums I’ve discovered after getting the board that speak of the same problem. I mastered the command line of DOS and have been programming since FORTRAN and punch cards. So I know how to follow well laid out instructions. Try doing the second step in the Get Radxa APT guide under the ubuntu install wiki that starts with echo. All I get is a carat prompt. >

If that guide was well written those steps would have been coded into a well tested script that you could just run while the guide gave you informed suggestions on choices presented.

Linux is just one more language I’ve not taken the time to requested help to learn from the various fiefdoms touting their bestness. This Rock Pi 4 board was sold as a more robust alternative to the Raspberry Pi… and every image I’ve ever installed On the RP just works without having to do R and D for their system. That’s not happening with this board. I’m happy for you that you’ve found your superiority in a highly complex and powerful language in such a way as to make yourself feel powerful… but what good does that do for anyone else that isn’t in your gang?