SPI flash is disabled in bootloader upgrade script?

Hi! I wanted to boot from NVMe device using this official guide. I run a 4C board. The rockpi4c_upgrade_bootloader.sh has coented out the SPI flash part. Should I just enable the line?

Please follow the guide, later you will run it manually.

@jack I did follow the guide. At the point where I should run the .sh manually I just dosn’t work. So I looked into the .sh file and saw that the line was commented out.

I can’t see this:

 You are currently running on board:
 There will be two steps that you have to confirm. One is upgrading bootloader on SPI Flash.
 The other is upgrading bootloader on eMMC or uSD card.
 Step one: upgrade bootloader on SPI Flash
 One boot device, SPI Flash, is found, would you like to upgrade bootloader on it?
 The installation would cost several minutes.
 If yes, type Y/y. If no, type N/n.

To check if the SPI flash is damaged, check if you have /dev/mtd0* .

I do have those mounts